CNC Machining Area


Our CNC Machining facilities reflects our products:
Clean, organized and well thought out.

High speed drilling machine

Our high speed Fanuc CNC workcell is ideal for cost effective
small part manufacturing.

Precision Cutoff Saw

Our precision cutoff saw allows us to rapidly make your prototype
without waiting for exact raw material stock.

High speed precision machining

MPA specializes in precision high speed machining.

Matsuura MAM 630 Horizontal Milling Center

Matsuura MAM630 with Pallet Stocker.
We can run your product in unattended operation.

Matsuura RA3 Two Pallet Vertical Mill

Matsuura RA3 Two Pallet Vertical CNC Machine Work Center.

Large Horizontal Machining Capacity

We have large horizontal machining centers
capable of making large precision parts.

Precision Five Axis Mill With 40 Position Stocker

Our five axis milling machine can precision machine
complex parts in the minimum number of operations.

Optics Block

This Optics Block is typical of the capabilities and services
we offer here at MPA.

40 Pallet Stocker on Five Axis Mill

Our five axis mill has 40 pallets so it can run unattended
overnight and over the weekend!

NAK Sc-250 CNC Turret Lathe

The NAK 250 CNC Turret Lathe performs multiple operations
in the same setup, increasing accuracy and repeatability.