Repair Services

  • Personnel at MPA have been involved with the development of a number of products widely-used in the semiconductor industry, and are skilled at servicing these products. This includes the entire line of products from Kensington Laboratories, Inc..
  • Micro Precision Automation still has many of the the original employees, some going back as far as 1979 from the beginnings of the “original” Kensington Laboratories, Inc., 1979 thru 2001. (Not to be confused with Kensington Laboratories, LLC)
  • This means that we have the skills and knowledge to service and repair your “Legacy” products, keeping them in top shape and, to the original operational specifications.
  • We can also manufacture/provide many of the OEM parts needed to maintain and service your Kensington equipment.
  • Legacy products include, but are not limited to the following: 6000 Series Stages, 8500 Series Stages, 9000i Systems, WFH3 and WFH4 Wafer Handling Robots, Tilt-Scan Sorting Tools, Multi-Link Wafer Handling Robots, and the Model 4000 Controller.
  • We are also able to provide service/support on the Newport PM 500 with it’s periphials and Automatic Door Opener (ADO).